3 in 4 men will die from prostate cancer if caught late. But nearly zero if caught early.*

The PSA test is a simple blood test that can detect prostate cancer. But Ontario doesn’t fund it.

1 in 7 men get diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

More than 8,800 men in Ontario will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and 1,600 will die this year.

Survival is nearly 100% if caught early.

Ontario doesn’t pay for a lifesaving test. It should.

96% of Ontarians agree that the government should use every available means to detect prostate cancer early. Tell government to fund the test.

Fund the Test

The cost of a PSA test in Ontario can be a huge barrier for some men which will lead to some men dying too young. Movember supports Prostate Cancer Canada’s ask to ensure every man has equal access to this potentially life-saving test.

Movember Foundation

Ontario is one of only two provinces that do not fund the PSA test. It is a vital tool for early detection of prostate cancer and all men deserve to have access to it, regardless of their location or finances.

Canadian Cancer Survivor Network

Most cases of prostate cancer are detected with a PSA test, and it is a vital tool to aid in early detection when there’s a high chance it can be detected and cured. To deny that test to any man because of barriers related to which province they live in or finances is an injustice.

The Canadian Urological Association (CUA)